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Why us?  Why choose Envision Laser Removal for your tattoo removal process?

The client today is much more educated and informed than days gone by.

With google, the almighty web, yelp, and business reviews, the information on services offered is astounding.  Sometimes overwhelming!  At Envision Laser Removal we believe strongly in education, being that my husband and I are retired teachers, and offer a free consultation that informs the client of the laser removal process in its entirety. We explain the differences in lasers used in the business, and how the effectiveness of our lasers compare.

The other factor to consider is safety. At Envision we employ safety forms before even considering a clients treatment! This piece of information is necessary for many reasons, immune system issues, allergies, and most importantly a skin assessment. With this information we are able to discuss the number of treatments necessary and most importantly laser settings.

Lastly, we have first hand experience in the removal process due to my husband having been a client himself.  Eric was allergic to the red ink he received in a tattoo, and needed to go through the laser process to remove the ink. Eric’s interest was peaked beyond words by the process and soon after we began our business.

Come see us and we will gladly meet with you and discuss your options to  clear skin.

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