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Laser tattoo removal and the pain index.

Laser tattoo removal is virtually painless as compared tattoo installation, where you sit for hours awaiting the tattoo artist completion.   Conversely, laser tattoo removal is quick, completed in several treatments lasting 1 to 3 minutes for small tattoos and 15 to 30 minutes for a large tattoo. We use a 10 point scale as a “bedside manner” tool with our patients. The purpose of using good bedside manner is to ensure we balance a protocol laser treatment, comfort of patient, and their perceived pain.

Envison Laser Removals response to good bed side manner related to patient pain

During our patient consultations, in our “laser removal practice“, we explain our observations of patient typical pain levels experienced in laser treatment.  Also, while  conducting the initial laser test pulse for each treatment, we ask the patient to report the feeling of the laser pulse on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, how does it feel?

Men tattoo removal pain index

Typically men report during laser tattoo removal treatment their pain scale ranges  from 3 – 4 to 7- 8.  Post treatment, men report 3 to 4 on the pain scale and this typically lasts for 2 to 4 days, depending on where they score on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale, 

Women tattoo removal pain index

Women report more frequently 2 – 3 up to 6 – 7 on the pain scale depending on size and location of the the tattoo.  The Fitzpatrick scale score post treatment pain also apply as it does for men. Post treatment usually for women is reported  0 – 2 days.

Everyone’s pain level is different!  Before we begin your treatment we, conduct a test spots to verify the laser setting and treatment protocol specific to your skin type.  It should be noted, this procedure is non-ablative.

In summary, Envision Laser Removal responds to patient pain levels by pausing treatment if the patient is uncomfortable.  We then continue to use the  “Zimmer Cryo 6” to cooling the treated skin topically,  We wait until the patient is ready before we continue the treatment.   We feel that allowing the patient input is good bedside manner balanced with the need for good protocol treatment completion.

Eric A. Wells, Business Owner

Envision Laser Removal

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