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Are you bothered by red and broken capillaries under your skin? Tired of covering up unsightly veins with makeup or concealer? Vascular lesions are common, and Envision Laser Removal in Port Charlotte, FL and serving the surrounding areas of North Port, Englewood, Venice, Arcadia, Nokomis, Cape Coral FL, can help. The laser specialists use the Astanza EternityTSR Q-switched ruby laser for vascular lesion removal on even the most delicate skin. Schedule a consultation by phone or online to see what treatment could do for you.


Vascular Lesion Removal Q&A

What is a vascular lesion?

Your vascular system transports blood and other nutrients from your heart to the rest of your body through a complex network of blood vessels. While most blood vessels aren’t visible under the skin, certain conditions can make them more apparent, creating blemishes called vascular lesions.

Vascular lesions include broken capillaries, spider veins (telangiectasia), port wine stains, and a certain type of birthmark (hemangioma). They can appear almost anywhere on the body, but they’re most common on the legs and face — especially the nose.

Some types of vascular lesions are birthmarks, which means they’re present from birth or appear shortly after birth. Other types of vascular lesions develop later in life. In fact, the natural aging process is one of the biggest causes of vascular lesions.

Is vascular lesion removal right for me?

Most vascular lesions don’t pose a threat to your health. But visible blemishes, particularly those on the nose or face, can be a source of embarrassment.

If you’re bothered by the look of visible blood vessels or capillaries, vascular lesion removal could be an option for you. At Envision Laser Removal, the highly trained team provides vascular lesion removal with the Astanza Duality Q-switched laser.

Laser vascular lesion removal is generally safe for people in overall good health, and the risk of complications is low. The most common side effects are mild discomfort and redness immediately following treatment.

What happens during vascular lesion removal?

Laser treatment for vascular lesions is a simple procedure that takes just minutes in the office. No anesthesia is required, and you can return to your usual activities right away.

At Envision Laser Removal, your provider guides the Astanza laser across the surface of your skin. Pulses of Q-switched laser light penetrate the lesion. Only the veins and capillaries in the blemish absorb the specific laser wavelength during treatment, and surrounding healthy tissue is left intact.

Laser therapy breaks down the exposed blood vessels in the lesion. Your body naturally reabsorbs them, and the blemish gradually disappears. Small lesions may disappear with just one Astanza treatment, but larger lesions may require several treatments.

Erase vascular lesions with Astanza laser treatment. Book an appointment online or call Envision Laser Removal to get started.



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