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  • There are many thoughts on how to help a client with the pain associated with tattoo removal.  Some use numbing creams, (which need to placed on the tattoo 45 min prior to treatment, and wiped off before treatment), and others just take the treatment as if they are sitting at the beach!! Everyone has a different level of pain, therefore it is difficult to predict the pain a client will experience.
  • The good news is that we have a easy solution to clients pain, the Zimmer Cryo 6.  The Zimmer is our cooling system from Germany, and is used to cool the treated area before, during and after the laser treatment. The Zimmer is designed to cool the tattoo, and can reach -30 degrees.  The benefit of the cooling system is that the client has the option to hold the device themselves to direct the air and allow the air to be as cold as they desire. It’s a win win! Life doesn’t always offer second chances: but at Envision Laser Removal you can reclaim your clear skin.

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